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House exterior with white window shutters upstairs and downstairs

Professional window shutter services in Ruislip

Need a window shutter service in Ruislip or across West London? Here at Shutters West London we offer a range of styles and designs, offering expert advice to those who ask for it!

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Made to measure shutters across West London

By adding shutters to your home it can help enhance your property's appearance as well as its functionality, benefiting your home in more ways than one. Whether you desire the classic charm of wooden shutters or the durability of modern materials such as PVC, our skilled professional will expertly install shutters to suit your individual preferences. We prioritise customer satisfaction, providing shutters that are made to measure, low maintenance, and will last for years to come. Simply get in touch with us at Shutters West London today.

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Materials used to create our window shutters

Home interior with white window shutters

Paulownia hardwood

At Shutters West London we specialise in hardwood shutters, offering an extremely durable solution for your homes new look. Not only do wooden shutters withstand years of use, they also have a natural beauty, adding a touch of elegance to your homes interior design. Hardwood also provides effective insulation, adding warmth to every room. 

Bathroom interior with white window shutters and sink and patterned wall


Hoping for a more modern look? Our polyvinyl chloride shutters come in a range of colours and styles, acting as an affordable solution to your home's design. These shutters are also 100% waterproof, perfect for installing in your bathroom or kitchen without the worry of water damage. PVC is also easy to maintain, allowing them to look clean and fresh for years to come.

Which window shutter is ideal for you?

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We have multiple colour options to match your personality and home interior! Our team will bring along colour samples on our free quotation visit to ensure you are happy with your choice.

For other specific requirements please contact us on 07751 038423 or fill in our contact form. 


Tier-on-tier shutters are a popular choice when wanting to cover a whole window. The design entails top and bottom independent panels that move separately, allowing increased flexibility to open and close the shutters as you please. They are perfect for allowing light to filter through on a sunny day whilst also allowing added privacy when you desire it.

House interior, man stood on step ladder putting up white window shutters
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Looking for window shutter services in Ruislip you can trust? Call our team today on 07751 038423

Or fill in our contact form with some information about the specific job you require.

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